5 common Fashion faux pas

Sindhu Suresh - Fashion Bites 12-Jan-2021

5 common Fashion faux pas
Fashion Embarrassment

5 common Fashion faux pas

We often tend to make few common  mistakes while styling.. Its not a big crime though but never late to learn and can avoid repeating it...

  • Unfit clothes:

The most basic and biggest faux pas are wearing a shaggy or tight clothes. we often tend to choose the same sizes while shopping, each and every brand follows different sizes chats.. some runs bigger in size some runs smaller.. while online shopping dont stop ur self to check only the size charts, always always check in the comments sections for clues that whether the size runs smaller or bigger..

  • Wearing prints and patterns: 

We all love printed clothings and but it doesn’t mean we need to get wrapped up in it entirely... If ur top is printed/patterned then match it with a plain bottom and the vice versa... Dont match ur top and bottom with entirely different prints/ patterns.. vertical stripes make you look slimmer while the horizontal stripes make you look the opposite.. so chose accordingly.. when u wear a printed attire dont over do by carrying a printed accessories and footwear which definitely doesn’t look pleasant..

  • Over size accessories:

Dont go overboard with your accessories... When ur blouse is heavy work then avoid wearing big chains.. if wearing a statement chain then avoid wearing a big danglers.. if wearing a statement earrings then completely avoid the chains.. 

Big chains plus big danglers plus big bracelets are definitely a no no..

Less is more when it comes to accessories..

  • Skin tone leggings :

Wearing a skintone leggings is one of the very common faux pas people still tend to do..... We dont want to make people think that we are bottomless.. do we???

  • Mismatched accessories:

Accessories should always compliment ur attire, it can be completely contrast to ur attire but it should definitely be colour coordinated with other accessories that you wear/carry...wearing a pink stellitoes and carrying a green clutch or wearing a blue belt..doesn’t sound good right!!!  

There is no fashion police out there.. but still while styling it is always better to present yourself even more elegant and pleasant by avoiding these few little errors...