Does a bad weather cause flight crash?

Malini VK - Infobite  11-Apr-2021

Does a bad weather cause flight crash?

Flight crash never occurred due to a particular reason. Majority of accidents were result of a Pilot error or an Aircraft mechanical problems.

Below are the effects caused by weather:

- Snow / Ice,Wind, Rain, and Fog may lead to delay or cancellation of flights but not exactly flight accidents.

- Among the above factors snow or ice can be a risk due to its accumulation on the aircraft. However flights are built with de-icing systems which will melt or break the ice.

- Turbulence is another factor that can cause discomfort, but all aircraft are designed to overcome these weather conditions for the most part.

- Apart from this, heavy rain and fog may lead to poor visibility during take off or landing. When the runway is very wet,the flight will need longer driveway and time for landing or the pilot has to use brake which may cause a discomfort.

- Accidents may occur when the pilot doesn't handle poor weather conditions properly.

Some of the major plane crashes happened due to the following reasons:

- Suicide attacks by Terrorists.

- Take-off without proper clearance and resulting in collision with ground objects.

- Explosion due to incorrect repairing of machine parts.

- Flying lower than the designated altitude leading to collision with another flight.

Anyone had a bad flight experience because of weather? Do share in the comments below!