Drink water for a faster weight loss

Divya's Dietu - Health Bites 10-Feb-2021

Drink water for a faster weight loss

Enough of the weight loss program, if you're actually serious along with your weight loss target start potable. Water and weight loss is interrelated. How?

  • Water and weight loss?

I know, drinkability could also be boring but if you're focused on fast weight loss, it’s not. Our body is nothing but 65 -70% of water.

Muscles, heart, lungs all our vital organs are made from 70-90% water. Even our bones have over 30% of water.

So it's evident that we won’t be ready to function without water.

So if you're trying for fast weight loss, whether or not you miss your exercise routine for every day, you'll not afford to miss drinking water.

  • How much water for weight loss is needed?

We must always be drinking 2 to 3 liters of water a day which comes around 8 to 10 glasses.

You'll divide your weight with 8 and the answer is the number of glasses of water you'd be required to drink on a daily basis.

Let’s make it simple with an example, if your weight is 56 kg, divide it with 8, which means you must drink 7 glasses of water daily. Recollect it is glass (250 to 280ml), not a cup.

  • How to drink water for weight loss?

Is it Cold / warm / infused water- which is the best drink to make sure fast weight loss? 

Just remember you want to drink 8 to 10 glasses daily and that’s all.

  • Bottom line –

Make effort to adapt to a habit which is doable and ensure natural weight loss.

You wish to remain healthy forever not for 15 days. So don’t complicate the scenario by making infused water, buying an infused bottle or trying to drink hot/ ice cold water.

The drill is simple- water and weight loss go hand in hand. just drink water- 8 to 10 glasses without fail to confirm fast weight loss.

You'll start your day with warm water otherwise you can even drink warm water after 45 minutes of taking any meal. But otherwise, mix normal water with cold water or simply drink normal water.

Well, How many glasses of water did you drink since morning? Start Counting!