How to buy a Diamond?

Malini VK - Infobite  16-Jul-2020

How to buy a Diamond?

Diamond is one of the most expensive stones on Earth. The rare availability, demand, and expensive labor to cut the diamonds allows it to remain as The King of precious stones.

It is possible to get cheated with lab-grown diamonds or fake diamonds(stones) while you wish to pay for natural diamonds. So, knowing how to buy a real diamond becomes crucial.


1. Self-education about 4Cs is a MUST:

  • Diamond color: Lesser the color in the stone, the more desirable and valuable it is. Diamonds are graded on a scale of D - Z. The perfectly white diamonds earn D rank while the Z rank goes to yellow color.

  • Diamond cut: Diamond cut does not refer to the shape but to the arrangement of its facets and quality of workmanship. Simply put, how the stone was shaped to direct the light back to your eyes, creating a brilliant sparkle. Grades range from excellent to poor.

  • Diamond clarity: Flaws and imperfections in diamonds are known as "inclusions". Grades run from "Flawless" with virtually no imperfections to "included" with significant number of imperfections.

  • Diamond carat: It refers to diamond weight. Most expensive diamonds have higher carat weight. Two diamonds can have the same carat weight. In that case, other 3Cs should be considered.

2. Be wise while choosing the Jeweler: Prefer authentic jewelry who should be armed with expertly trained jewelers. Their training comes from internationally accredited programs such as GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) or Applied Jewelry Professional(AJP) diploma programs. They can be able to explain about 4Cs and answers to our questions in clear, simple language. They even demonstrate and allow us to compare the differences between variety of stones.

3. View the diamond in-person: Online shopping might feel like a convenient one but not for diamonds. Seeing the diamond with your own eyes determines if it is right for you or is better to go for online sellers with retail stores and easy return policies.

4. Get the Diamond grading report: Grading report is a “Diamond certificate”. It contains specific details about the qualities and characteristics of a diamond. As a consumer the grading report is your assurance that you are getting exactly what is described in the piece of diamond jewelry.

5. Look for laser inscription: For added safety, find out if the diamond's grading report is laser inscribed on its girdle (widest part on the stone). It can be viewed under 10X magnification using jeweler's loupe. Number on the grading report can be compared with this inscription to confirm we are getting the right diamond.

6. Protect the purchase: Once the purchasing is done, get it appraised and insured. Appraisers and insurers evaluate the value of your diamond and they can confirm that it matches with seller's description and accompanying paperwork.