How Veerappan was trapped and killed?

Malini VK - Infobite  Apr 16, 2019

How Veerappan was trapped and killed?

Veerappan, popularly named as "Sandalwood Veerappan" was an Indian bandit who ruled the forest area of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala for 30 long years.

- His crimes were initially sandalwood smuggling and killing elephants for ivory. Veerappan bought himself to the Indian Government's attention by killing 100's of police officers and kidnapping higher officials for ransom.

The Trap:

- Special Task Force (STF) was formed in 1991 by both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Governments.

- An STF informer gained access to Veerappan gang and acted as their messenger.

- The informer revealed STF about a renowned businessman who had secret links with Srilanka-based Tamil revolutionists, was helping Veerappan regarding information and arms.

- The informer turned messenger and the businessman had a meeting in the later's guest house about Veerappan's need for weapons and a cataract surgery.

- An STF team entered the guest house the moment informer left the house. They threatened the businessmen that his links would be revealed and offered amnesty if he is ready to help getting Veerappan. The businessman agreed to the offer.

- STF instructed the businessman to send a messenger to Veerappan saying weapons would be arranged in Srilanka and a man would escort him to Trichy or Madurai hospital for surgery. Once the surgery is over, he will be taken to Srilanka.

- Veerappan was all set to show himself out of the forest.

The Execution:

- Veerappan was escorted out of the forest by the informer to an ambulance, which was a police vehicle stationed at Papirappati village in Dharmapuri District.

- A 35 member STF troop who were hiding around the vehicle already caught Veerappan and his gang.

- According to police report, they initially warned and asked them to surrender. Since they denied and started firing,the STF started retaliating by firing grenades and gun shots.

- Veerappan and his gang men were killed on the spot on October 18,2004.

- The entire operation was named "Operation Cocoon".