Is Green Tea healthy? Does it really help in weight loss?

Mahalakshmi P - Health Bites 27-Apr-2021 

Is Green Tea healthy? Does it really help in weight loss?

Green Tea is one of the widely consumed beverages in recent times. It does possess some health benefits but need to think of slogans like "Green tea can treat cancer, cardiovascular problem, weight loss, prevents aging".

- Green tea has antioxidants, caffeine, some water, and it is calorie free.


- Protects the body cells from oxidation and helps in gaining immunity.

- To achieve this, body needs more antioxidants. Green tea is not the only source, whereas it is rich in fruits, nuts, whole grains etc.


- It is for mental alertness, helps to manage drowsiness but too much caffeine will give headache.

"A Green tea can do what an antioxidant and caffeine can do".

Green Tea & Weight loss:

How we normally drink Green tea?

Hot water + lemon + honey + a green tea bag in. This is the most common way.

- Hot water + lemon + honey is great for kick-starting body metabolism and helps in digestion.

- So naturally it burns fat and makes one feel light.

- An addition of tea bag can highly increase the above said activities and nothing more than that.

Green Tea is one of the overrated beverages. It may be because of the fancy appearance in a tea bag people started drinking widely. Green tea is a fashion!