Different types of Beef cuts.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Beef is butchered symmetrically into halves.Then meat portions are separated from front and back halves.

Front Half:

- Chuck (source of bone-in and bone-less steak. Ground beef is mostly made from bone-less chuck).

- Rib (source of short ribs,prime rib, and rib eye steaks).

- Brisket (Used for barbecue,corned beef, and pastrami).

- Shank (Toughest of all the cuts hence used mostly in soups and stews).

- Plate (Source of short ribs,skirt steak which is used in fajitas. It can also be used as a ground meat because of the toughness and fattiness).

Back Half:

- Short Loin (source of T-bone,porterhouse steaks, and strip steaks).

- Sirloin (two divisions - top sirloin and bottom sirloin. Flavorful meat portion).

- Tenderloin (source of filet mignons).

- Round (low fat and moderately tough).

- Flank (used in making London Broil,Fajitas but mostly grounded).

Apart from the above cuts, almost all the parts of beef are eaten around the world.

- Sweet breads,bone marrow,foot,tail etc.

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