Is there any mystery behind Bermuda Triangle disappearances?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A region marked on the Western side of North Atlantic Ocean having Florida, Miami, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda as its boundaries.

Other Names: Devil's Triangle or Hurricane Alley

Bermuda Triangle is blamed for disappearance of many Aircraft and Ships.

Theories: Supernatural occurrences and Alien interventions. no substantial evidence / explanation.

So, what is exactly going on?

It is estimated that nearly 50 Ships and 20 Airplanes have disappeared mysteriously. But we have proof only for the below disappearances.

The U.S.S Cyclops, 1918: A Naval vessel built for US Navy, carrying 306 people with thousands of Tons of Manganese Ore.

Cause of Disappearance: Officially Unresolved.

Assumptions / Suspicion: Unbalanced load of ship / Engine breakdown / Strong waves.

U.S Navy Avengers Flight 19, 1945: A training flight disappeared while carrying 5 Avenger Torpedo bombers including the a well trained instructor flying the aircraft.

Cause of Disappearance: Investigators confirmed that the crash was due to a Navigational error and Insufficient Fuel.

DC-3 Flight NC-16002, 1948: A passenger flight flying from San Juan to Miami.

Cause of Disappearance: Electrical system failure caused Automatic Compass malfunction resulted in an unexpected change in wind direction and navigational failure.

The S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen, 1963: An Oil Tanker converted to carry molten sulphur in heated tanks with 39 crew members.

Cause of Disappearance: Remains of the ship were recovered. The ship is deemed unsafe due to poor maintenance and confirmed it never should have sailed. Also suspect an explosion in the Cargo tanks to be the cause.

Milwaukee's 440th Airlift Wing, Plane 680, 1965: US Aircraft carrying Air Force Reserve Command's Flying Crew (No indication of trouble or radio communication)

Cause of Disappearance: Insufficient fuel.

The Bermuda Triangle area is considered to have one of the worst and unpredictable weather patterns, deep Trenches in the world, Tornadoes, underwater Earthquakes, and so on. These conditions affected the pilots to misread compass forcing wrong navigational decisions.

Human error and playful weather made Bermuda Triangle a Devil's Triangle!

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