What is the purpose and procedure of giving an Epidural injection during labor?

Updated: Jan 12

Epidural injection is given to reduce the labor pain during pregnancy. It is administered only upon request from the patient and family.

Epidural Procedure:

- The injection is given in the epidural area which is the lower part of the spinal cord.

- The epidural space contain spinal nerve roots which will go numb after the injection. This process will block the pain signals to brain, causing a feeling of no pain in the lower part of the body.

- A Single epidural injection might not be enough throughout the delivery. A catheter(small tube) will be attached to the woman's back for any further injections.

- Epidural injection might cause blood pressure drop in some woman. Hence for safety an IV is attached to woman's arm to give respective drugs via drips.

- Woman who is ready to deliver naturally receive lower dosage of the drug compared to the one going for cesarean delivery. This is to make them not to feel anything until the surgery is over.

- Epidural procedure should be done only by trained anesthesiologist.

Effects of Epidural injection:

- Low blood pressure in some woman.

- Some may feel hard to urinate.

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