What are some interesting facts about ice cream?

Updated: Jan 12

Ice cream is a frozen sweet dessert which has the tendency to attract anyone from its taste and appearance. It is hard to find people who says "no" to an ice cream.

  • The origin of ice cream dates back to 200 B.C or nearly 2500 years ago.

  • Ice cream was enjoyed in many parts of the world in different forms, hence no specific person can be credited for the discovery.

  • Persians invented a sweet food made of ice, saffron, fruits, rose water, and vermicelli to serve their royalty during summer. Chinese mixed milk and rice with ice to create a chilled syrupy sweet. Greeks ate ice with honey and fruits. Romanians and Indians too had their own versions.

  • Kings who traveled across the world brought the recipe to their nations. But it was enjoyed only by the royals and there were kings who paid their chefs with hefty salaries to keep the recipe a secret from the public. There were also stories of kings beheading their chefs for leaking the recipe to the public.

  • It was not until 1600 that ice cream was made available to the public. Cafe Procope in Paris was one of the first places to serve the frozen dessert made with milk, cream, butter, and eggs to public.

  • Americans tasted the ice cream first in 1744 and today they are the largest producer of ice cream in the world. Over 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream and other related frozen dairy products are produced by Americans annually.

  • Mediterraneans got access to ice cream in the 18th century. With ice cream recipe's expansion around the world, the making techniques also improved with the technology.

  • Australians and New Zealanders are among the leading ice cream consumers next to Americans.

  • Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry were once the common flavors. But today ice cream is celebrated with peculiar flavors like black sesame seed, rosemary olive oil, miso, pumpkin, ice cream with bacon, red bean, mung bean and the list goes on.

  • Gelato is an ice cream type popular in Italy. It is made from whole milk(3.25%) instead of cream to make it with less fat.

  • Like Dondurma in Turkey, Sorbetes in Philippine, Kulfi from India ice cream took many forms around the world.

  • Ice cream can be eaten in variety of ways. Cone, Ice cream sandwich, fried ice cream, with waffles, on a pie or brownie, with milk shakes, ice cream cake etc.

  • Ice cream can be made with soy milk, almond milk for vegans and with vegetable fat instead of milk fat for lactose intolerant people.

Having ice cream too quickly leads to Brain freeze. It is a state where our body telling us to slow down and take it easy!

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