How to get a 1 year old kid to eat?

Updated: Aug 6

- Patience plays a key role here.

- Taste the food yourself first to see if that taste is fine for your kid.

- Show your kid what you are giving, sometimes they may get attracted with the color/appearance.

- Give in smaller portions.

- If they are saying no to food, force them a little(Most of the kids say no even before tasting. Once they find it yummy, they will ask for more - Personal Experience!)

- Allow them to eat themselves (possible food). They deserve some fun by doing something different.

- Most kids don't want to be locked while eating. In this case, there is no other way, you have to dance with them.

- Try to engage them,like before TV with their favorite cartoon/song.

- Most kids need water between every bite. Give water whenever they need but don't give up feeding.

- Last but not the least - Try to feed them only when they are hungry.

*If nothing works,its always okay to leave your kid. He/She will feel hungry and come to you crying.Stuff them right away!!

There might be more ways you get your kid to eat. Help parents out there with your experiences in the comment below!

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