Is Himalayan pink salt better than regular table salt?

Updated: Aug 6

Salt is a flavoring agent and a preservative. There are different types of salt in the market like table salt, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, black salt, Red Hawaiian salt which are used for various purposes. Among these Himalayan pink salt gained popularity recently claiming a lot of health benefits. Is it so? let us see what is so special about this salt.

Salt largely composed of Sodium Chloride and infused with iodine to prevent iodine deficiency. It goes through refining processes to remove any impurities before reaching the grocery store.

  • Pink Himalayan salt is hand-extracted from Khewra Salt mine near the Himalayas in Pakistan.

  • It goes through minimal processing which makes it free from additives and looks so natural.

  • Regular table salt contains mostly Sodium Chloride, iodine whereas Himalayan pink salt contains more calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron(gives pink color to the salt).

  • Pink salt is claimed to have 84 trace elements but everything in very very small quantities. For instance, it is required to take 1.7 kg of pink salt to obtain daily amount of potassium needed for the body which is impossible. Moreover, there are no concrete evidence for the health benefits the salt is believed to provide.

  • Pink salt does not have much iodine so it has to be compensated by taking dairy products, fish in extra to avoid iodine deficiency.

  • Like green tea, pink salt is a over-rated condiment which asks for a hefty price from our pockets. So, it is better to go behind regular than fancy.