How to clean Baby's teeth?

Updated: Aug 6

Teeth starts to grow when the baby is 8 - 10 months old. Cleaning and maintaining their milk teeth is necessary to avoid any bacterial infections.

- Parent can use his/her index finger with little amount of paste and start to train the baby for brushing. Using your own finger helps in having a proper hold and control of the baby.

- Once they get used to what is going on, finger brush can be used with little amount of paste.

- The finger brush has a provision to clean baby's tongue as well.

- The paste must be Fluoride-free for babies under 3 years.

- While washing their teeth,

. hold their hands with your left hand

. make them bend a little

. wash their mouth with your right hand

. make sure they are not gulping the water

- Cleaning their teeth twice a day is necessary.

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