What should we know about The Grand Canyon?

Updated: Jan 12

The state of Arizona in the U.S offers the world a wonder, The Grand Canyon. One can get easily awe-struck after witnessing the mud rocky mountainous view and the Colorado river flowing in between the rocks underneath. What is this place?

  • The Grand Canyon is formed by the constant erosion of the Colorado river over millions and millions of years. It overwhelms our senses through its immense size

  • Presence of over 40 different types of rocks like sandstone, limestone, igneous rocks decorate the canyon colorful.

  • The Grand Canyon National park houses nearly 70 different types of species and amount those rock squirrels are identified as most dangerous animals because of their aggressive behavior towards the tourists.

  • The park is divided into North rim and South rim and the travel experience is determined by which rim is visited. South rim is the safest and like an entry point to the Canyon where it attracts most of the crowd.

  • The North rim is for people who prefer the road less traveled. It is visited by only 10% of all the Canyon visitors. North rim has a climate change since it is more elevated than the South and it is closed during snow times.

  • The Canyon houses native Americans who live in small villages which are unreachable by road. The Hualapai tribe community living in the western part of the Canyon offers variety of visitor services including the sky-walk. It is a horseshoe shaped steel frame with glass floor and sides from where the tourists can get a breath-taking view of the Canyon.

  • The bottom of the Grand Canyon is unexpected with waterfalls, tree canopies, different animal species. To get to the bottom one should go either by foot or by taking a mule. There is also the river silent flowing in its milk chocolaty fashion, the Colorado river offers rafting experience for water adventurers.

  • The full experience of the Canyon is not gained in one day. There are tourists who camp and hike for weeks to feel the beauty from various trails, points, caves, springs.

Grand Canyon is a natural marvel with a rocky treat to the eyes!

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