Okinawa-The Land of Immortals

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Okinawa is the largest among the chain of Okinawa Islands in Japan. Apart from its tourist attractions and scenic beauty,Okinawa is known as the longevity capital of the world.

Yes! Okinawa has a great number of people in their 90's and even centenarians. Let us have a look at the life lessons they teach us on not just how to live longer, but how to live with a strong body and mind.

- Age is merely a number for Okinawa people. Most of them are living independent and active, doing their households even in their 90's.

- The islanders less likely to suffer from cancer, stroke, heart disease, dementia compared to senior people around the world. Older people have stronger-than-expected bones.

- Okinawa women live longer than their counterparts in the world.

- One grows when they get older is their concept of living. That is why they don't believe in retirement.

- Okinawan's diet plays a major reason for their healthy lifestyle. The diet comprises restricted calorie and a lesson "stop when you are 80% full".

- They eat nearly 10 different varieties of vegetables, fruits and 18 different varieties of food every day.

- Their rice portion is small compared to fellow Japanese people. They eat sweet potatoes, fish, pork, root vegetables in almost every meal.

- With a healthy diet and strong minds, these islanders make us think what is possible!


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