What is an offside rule in Football/Soccer?

Offside Rule:

A player is in offside position if,

- (S)He is nearer to the opponent's goal line beyond the ball and second last opponent.

- (S)He is in offside position if any of the body parts except hands and/or arms are towards opponent's goal line.

Imagine a striker running towards the goal area keeping an eye on the ball flying in the air, the player reaches goal area ahead of the ball and the second last defender from opposition team as well. He puts himself in an offside position.

Offside Offence:

- If a player in offside position involves in an active play by interfering with the opponent, it is an offence. A free kick will be given to the opponent's team from where the interference occurred.

- If the player in offside position receives the ball directly from throw-in,goal kick, or corner kick, it is not deemed an offence.

Offside Trap:

A defensive play where the players on defense will put the player on strike to offside. Players use this trick to get a free kick, if the player in offside position receives penalty.

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