What makes Vladimir Putin so popular in Russia and around the world?

Updated: Jan 12

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin is regarded as one of the most powerful and influential person in the world. He is serving his fourth term as President, holding the positions from 2000-2008 and 2012-till now. So how Putin is so famous in his home that makes him one of the longest serving Presidents in the world?.

  • Putin is seen as a man of action. His popularity spikes when he takes forceful, decisive actions.

  • Putin's approval rating hit its highest point during Russia's victory in Russo-Georgian war, winning Crimea from Ukraine and merged it to Russian Empire, his involvement in Syrian Civil War. Shortly he is more famous during war times.

  • During Putin's leadership people saw a drop in poverty level, expansion in middle class living and moreover people find their spending power has been increased.

  • There was an economy collapse in 2014 which Putin Government could have handled better. Oil and gas constitute more than 60% of Russia's exports and plays a key roll in country's GDP and economy. The year 2014 saw a fall in the economy due to low oil prices. Pensions were hit, many people lost their jobs, rise in the prices of food and utilities. However, patriotic pride of the Russian people outweigh discontent over these burning issues which made Putin to sworn in again.

  • Russian people strongly believe "there is no Russia, if there is no Putin". They trust him as a powerful patriot to handle the west. Also the west portrays him as a strongest influential person and bold enough to organize assassination attempts under their security services.

  • There is no alternative to replace Putin. The political opponents are either weak or they will be prosecuted or neutralized by Putin's Lieutenants.

  • Putin Government does not give complete freedom to Russian media to broadcast anything strongly against the government where most of the population get to watch only the positive side.

  • There were Putin haters who strongly want him to be replaced. But majority of the Russian population believe none is powerful enough to lead them. No only Russians, the whole world see Putin as the face of Russia.

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