How toilet waste from aircraft and trains are disposed?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020


- Chemical Toilets are used in the plane, where the waste will be collected in a tank filled with chemical solution.

- Once the plane lands, the ground crew hooks the tank to a service vehicle and send it to waste disposal site.

- The tank is designed in such a way that it can be opened only from outside for safety purpose.

- Sometimes leakage might happen outside while flying. The leakage turns into ice due to high altitude and fall in mid-air. This waste is called "Blue ice".

- There were documented incidents of blue ice impacts on the ground around the world.


- Hopper Toilet system is the most common method of waste disposal around the world ,where releasing the waste onto the tracks untreated. This is the reason passengers are discouraged from using the toilets when the train is in station.

- In some rich areas, trains use Chemical Toilets which functions like the same in aircraft.

- Some trains may use Composting Toilets,where waste will be collected in a chlorine sanitized tanks. Bacterial action is performed to break down the solid and liquid waste before releasing it to the tracks.

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