What is Y2K bug and how it was solved?

Updated: Jan 12

"Year 2000 problem" was considered a millennium bug in computer program codes, where the year in date format was taken only as two digit. MM/DD/YY. So after Dec 31, 1999, the date format would read Jan 01, 2000 as 01/01/00.

  • Computer programs were designed to cut short 4-digit year as 2-digit in order to save memory space.

  • The Y2K bug created havoc among the world nations in the late 1990s, as the computer failure would cause major areas like banking, government operations, insurance etc would halt.

  • Not only the computers running on software programs but all the devices containing computer chips like elevators, medical equipment were believed to be at risk around the world.

  • Nearly $300 Billion was spent to upgrade the application programs accordingly.

  • The collective effort was a success and Jan 01, 2000 was born with a relief.

  • There was accusations that the threat was exaggerated from the beginning. But the computer experts proved the destructive effects of Y2K bug was real and rectified with utmost effort.


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