Why Korean dramas are so popular?

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The outflow of Korean culture to the rest of the world started in the early 2000. With their addictive drama series and pop musicals Korean wave is hitting hard on other countries worldwide. So what made Korean dramas so famous ?

  • K-dramas has a strong and unique story line whether it is historical(Sageuk) or contemporary. It has a perfect start and promising finish where one can see the perfect blend of traditional Korean values with modern day technology.

  • It is normal to watch a guy crying and showing his emotions in public, a bold hard-working girl who takes care of her fatherless family, a guy with jaw-dropped watching a girl eating massive amount of deliciousness, which are some examples to show how K-dramas are different.

  • It is hard to find vulgar scenes, violence or profanity(obscene language) where it is common in most of the Hollywood or other language series. This may be one of the main reason for its global audience.

  • Each series goes with a steady build up of the plot with vital importance to almost all the characters. Character development and relationships are the key factors for the success of these stories.

  • Korean romantic dramas does not need mindless sex scenes to convey the love. In fact, seeing a French kiss in a Korean drama is newsworthy. They create scenes that make more impact to viewers by not flooding obscene romance. Majority of the K-dramas are squeaky clean and they are even G-rated.

  • Korean dramas especially the historical ones are very much educational. It is interesting to watch their unique culture, historical events and the way it has been depicted.

  • Freshness and beauty in everything like the clothes, actors, music, food or anything. There is a touch of cuteness in what they show which is not normal in other language series.

  • It is increasingly addictive to watch Korean food. It is secondary to think whether we can be able to eat that or not. The way such varieties are shown and eaten with chopsticks will make even a vegetarian to drool. There are people who watch Korean series only for food.

  • Nothing can beat the actors and their overwhelming acting skills. Korean dramas are usually shot within a very tight schedule, often a few hours before actual broadcast. Screenplays are flexible and may change anytime during production putting actors in a difficult position.

  • Apart from acting, they are very attractive which is an additional top reason for its addictive popularity world wide. Definitely! The actors and actresses are the driving factors of Hallyu(Korean wave).

  • Let us not forget the video streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix who bought the Korean Entertainment Industry handy worldwide. Without them the reach of Korean culture might be half-way by now.

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