What made Tesla the most desired car?

Tesla is one of the largest selling battery operated electric cars. Apart from its wondrous technology and an addictive finish that nobody can resist to give a second look, what created Tesla fever among people in such a short time? SAFETY.

- A car or any automobile should undergo crash test before reaching consumers.

- Crash test is a form of destructive testing to evaluate whether the vehicle has the ability to withstand impact.

- It is performed by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA).

- A vehicle should undergo a series of crash test like frontal- impact test, side-impact test, roll-over test etc.

- It is common for vehicle to get full points in some tests. But Tesla Model S gave a monstrous performance by scoring full points in all the safety tests.

- It went one step ahead and broke the machine used for roof crush test. The machine failed while applying 4 G's pressure (which is equal to placing 4 sedans on top of the car) on the roof of

Tesla model S.

- The sedan has extra impact absorbing facility than any other car which keep everyone safe indoors.

- The talk of the vehicle widely increased after this crash test, which makes Tesla the most desired car in such a short span.