Should We Engage Our Kids in Learning Activities Even Before Pre-School?

Ashwini - Infobite 12-Mar-2021

Should We Engage Our Kids in Learning Activities Even Before Pre-School?

Even before sending your kid to pre-school there are pre-requisites to be met, hence it is important to engage our kids at home and give them that knowledge.

1) Do Chores Together:

Kids of ages between 1-3 tend to imitate everything we do.

We just need to encourage them to do alongside and enjoy the moment.

It could be chores at home, sorting vegetables in fridge, cleaning or washing clothes or arranging things. 

Oh no, how do I make my 1yr kid to wash cloths?  I know that feel bro! Just make the baby to pick up cloths one by one while you can help them count or say the color of the cloth. 

These activities indirectly sharpen their Motor, Sensory and Cognitive Skills.

2) Fix a Family Play Time:

It is difficult to play with the kids all day, however we can fix a family play time may be 1 hour a day. No specific game.

Enter their side of the world, Enjoy alongside!

This activity indirectly Builds Emotional Strength & Sense of Togetherness.

3) Small Educational Activities:

There are infinite activities out there, could be a stacking activity or jigsaw or playmat or toys with various sounds. We need to engage our kids to these small education activities; these are interesting tools to give a little exercise to those little one’s brain.

These activities develop Cognitive & Fine Motor Skills.

4) Reduce Gadgets; Increase Books:

They do what they see; They are surrounded with multiple gadgets at home, eventually they get attracted towards it. We could at least take steps to reduce the gadgets time and increase reading habits in them.

Reading through story books with large pictures keeps them attentive & interesting. 

Reading develops their Imagination, Patience, Concentration, Creativity, Expression, Empathy & in the long run Vocabulary.

5) Kith & Kin:

Let them know our kith & kin. Take them to rituals, birthday parties, teach them about our culture, etc...,
Make them meet or stay with the grandparents quite often, allow them to mingle with your relatives & friends circle (If you feel safe and sound and only with trusted ppl, yet don’t leave them alone with anyone).

This is to develop their Social Skills, make them understand there is a bigger world outside.  

Hope this article was informative. We would love to hear your suggestions/ feedback.