Styling Tips & Tricks For Plus Size Beauties

Sindhu Suresh - Fashion Bites 12-Mar-2021

Styling Tips & Tricks For Plus Size Beauties


Flaunt your favorite features:

Focus on your favorite feature and accentuate that. You might have a great set of legs then wear something shorter like mini skirt or midi skirt, some may have a beautiful back then wear a low cutting in the back. Likewise pick one feature that is your strongest point, focus on that which makes you feel sexy and confident because you know it's your strongest point. Rock it, flaunt it...

Wear a belt:

It doesn’t matter what body shape you are in, if you wear a belt in the center it draws attention and gives an illusion of smaller waist and gives you that natural curve. Whatever the dress you opt for you can top it off with a belt, even with a high waist skirt.

Patterns are you friends:

Some may feel that wearing patterns will make you look big but certainly it does the opposite... Patterns distract the eye and make you look smaller than your actual size. Wear patterns in the area where you are less confident. If you have a bigger thigh then wear a patterned bottom and balance it with a plain top. 

Stretchable Fabric:

You don't want to wear a dress that is uncomfortable and make you feel like it sucks your breath out... Always prefer stretchable fabric so that you can stay all day long in your favorite dress...

Invest in good shape wear:

 Shapewear is a foundation dress which is a curvy girl's best friend. It smooths out the curves that you already have, and it creates an even nice foundation underneath your clothes.

Don't hide you curves:

Don't hide your curves with an oversized dress... Wearing a baggy dress makes you feel droopy and bigger. Some may feel a little nervous to show their curves, I get it, but trust me girls when you wear something which accentuate your curves you will be much more confident.

Wear V neck top:

Prefer V neck top - V neck doesn’t need to be deep down to show off, wear just a basic v neck. wearing round neck or turtleneck seems to exaggerate the mass of your bust.

Tips to distract:

Some days you feel like you need to avoid gaining attention in some parts of your body. During those days wear big or more jewelry, wear black or wear big sleeves attire these certainly give the distraction that you needed the most on that specific day.

Hope these tips are helpful. The goal here is to make you feel the best version of yourself and feel amazing and wonderful as you are.