What are the causes and remedy for baldness in male?

Divya’s Dietu - Health Bites Apr 26, 2019

What are the causes and remedy for baldness in male?

Baldness is a common occurrence in male which doesn't make it any easier to accept. Most men start to experience hair loss when they turn 30. The condition ends up in complete baldness by the time they reach 50 if proper care is not taken.

Causes for baldness in male:

- Hereditary reason i.e., hair loss could be passed on from parents to descendants.

- Men with thin hair suffer from more hair loss.

- Dihydro-testosterone (DHT), male sex hormone is suspected to be one of the causes for shrinking hair follicles and eventually hair loss.

- Regular use of Hair Gel or other hair styling products causes drastic hair loss in young age.

- Hair fall due to dandruff, infection, diseases, stress are temporary and can be treated when the hair and body are under control.

How to control hair loss turning into baldness?

- Use hair gel and hair styling products without touching the roots of the hair. However, regular usage is not advisable.

- Massaging the scalp with lukewarm coconut oil.

- Wash and maintain hair with ponytails, braids properly.

- Healthy lifestyle plays a crucial role.

What to do if baldness went out of control?

- Hair transplant or other medical treatments can help.

- Accept the hair and do styling like cutting it too short.

* Hair doesn't make a man. Baldness is not a serious health issue. Focus on the things that can be controlled like staying in shape. Take inspiration from Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson if needed!

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