What are the causes of vote in favor of Brexit?

Malini VK - Infobite  28-May-2019

What are the causes of vote in favor of Brexit?

Britain is leaving European Union. This is happening after the victory of "Leave" campaign, where 51.9% of the people voted in favor of "Leave". What makes majority of the people to take this decision?

- Best chance for the UK to regain control over immigration and its own borders.

- Any decision about the UK should be taken by the UK.

- Maximum votes in favor of "Leave" is from older people. Britain joined EU in 1973, hence people residing in Britain before that period wants old Britain back.

- People with lower educational qualification gave their maximum support to "Leave". Studies have shown that these people are socially conservative and feel EU membership will bring constant changes in Britain.

- Voters in favor of "Leave" had turned against the Political class. They feel socially liberal qualified University graduates are dominating them and they have no care about Britain's identity.

- Britons feel they are less attached with EU than other European citizens. Only few people feel they are Europeans.

- De-industrialization in the Northern England made many people left behind, which they claim EU membership as a reason.

- Britons want personal market freedom.

- Media was in favor of "Leave" which was a cherry on the cake!