What are the controversies after Veerappan's death?

Malini VK - Infobite  Apr 16, 2019

What are the controversies after Veerappan's death?

Controversy - The man who got killed was not Veerappan, as he used to have a big mustache.

Explanation - Police confirmed the identity with his fingerprints. Also confirmed that he disguised himself by shaving the mustache.

Controversy - The gunshots position was different from what is narrated by police department.

Explanation - It was proven from post modem reports.

Controversy - Veerappan could have been captured alive since he was not given a chance to justify himself. He murdered only for political reasons.

Explanation - Police department also said their initial motive was to capture him alive and limelight the truth. But the firing was done for retaliation.

*Veerappan was an unsung hero and portrayed as a Robin Hood to many.

*He was keen on killing police officers, police informers but not civilians.

*He once released the hostages unharmed even the ransom demand was not met.

*The reason and truth behind all his killings were buried deep along with him.