What are the different types of diamond cuts available in the market?

Malini VK - Infobite  21-Jul-2020

What are the different types of diamond cuts available in the market?

Diamond cuts not only defines its shape but also the design, brilliance, and sparkle. If it is a poorly cut diamond, the appearance is not so attractive and bright. Varied diamond cuts are achieved by arranging the facets in different symmetrical.


Princess cut:

  • Available in both square and rectangle shapes.

  • Incredibly shiny because of the brilliant cut and its pyramidal shape reflects light on all four sides.

  • Popular choice for engagement rings.

Cushion cut:



  • Available in both square and rectangle shapes with rounded corners.

  • The curved edges create a look more like a 'pillow' or cushion.

  • Created with larger facets, hence the dispersion of light is great which makes this a brilliant cut.

Round cut:

  • Most popular, versatile, timeless diamond cut that fits perfectly in all kinds of jewelry.

  • The cut naturally follows the diamond crystal; hence it has an outstanding brilliance and fire than any other shape.

Emerald cut:

  • Available in both square and rectangle shapes.

  • Unique optical appearance because of the rectangular facets step-cut into the diamond's pavilion. When viewed from above, it looks like stair steps.

  • The cut shows diamond's original clarity beautifully because of the large rectangular table which also makes inclusions and color more visible.

  • Less brilliance when compared to other stones.

Radiant cut:

  • Available in both square and rectangle shapes.

  • The hybrid diamond cut revolutionized the diamond industry. It combines the lines of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round cut.

  • Most beautiful diamond cut, and of course an ideal choice for different jewelry types.

Asscher cut:

  • Unique shape with prismatic brilliance.

  • Deep pavilion and high crown create a "hall of mirror" effect.

  • Normally confused with an emerald cut. Asscher cut has two types: standard and royal. Royal type is very rare.

  • Recently gained popularity among the celebrities.

Oval cut:

  • Classic appearance like round cut but with a modern twist.

  • Wonderful shine, sparkle, and brilliance.

  • An amazing benefit is that they look larger than the other cuts.

  • Oval cut rings show long, slender fingers more noticeable. Hence it is a popular choice for engagement rings.

Marquise cut:

  • Also called as "little boat" because of elongated shape with pointy ends.

  • Perfect cut for maximizing carat weight.

  • Marquise cut makes hands and fingers of its wearer to appear long and slender.

Half-moon cut:

  • Also referred to as crescent, the cut is half-round or half-oval.

  • Commonly used as a side stone, they always come in pairs. Half-moon cut compliments well with other cuts like oval, cushion, and rectangle stones.

  • It looks gorgeous when princess cut diamond is surrounded by this crescent cut stones.

Triangle cut:

  • Also called as trillion, triangle cut is also a side stone.

  • It goes well with other stones in an engagement ring or any other jewelry.

  • Triangle cut hide inclusions well and has fantastic brilliance.

Straight trillion cuts:

  • Original form of triangle cut diamonds.

  • The straight trillion does not sit too high on the finger and it is suitable for someone who prefer simple jewelry.

  • The biggest advantage is that the diamond looks larger although it comes under budget.

Curved trillion cuts:

  • Modern triangle diamond cut with curvy edges.

  • Used as a side-stone for a larger solitaire diamond.

  • It works perfectly in engagement rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces.

Calf cut:


  • Appearance is unique as it looks more like a calf head.

  • Best alternative to trillion cuts as a side stone.

  • Gained popularity recently because of its great depth and sparkle.

Pear cut:

  • Combination of round and marquise cuts.

  • The exceptional diamond cut is known for its soft and delicate look.

  • The elongated shape of a pear cut diamond creates a slenderizing effect on a finger and makes a wearer’s hands more elegant.

Heart cut:

  • Romantic and elegant cut.

  • The quality and precision of the curved cut determines maximum brilliance and sparkle.

  • Only talented cutters have necessary skills to make these heard-shaped curvature look possible.