What causes hiccups and how to stop that?

Mahalakshmi P - Health Bites  12-Apr-2021

What causes hiccups and how to stop that?

- Hiccups are sudden, involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle.

- While inhaling, when the air rushes and hits the voice box, it makes the epiglottis to close suddenly. This causes hiccup sound.

- Diaphragm is a skeletal muscle which is present at the base of the chest. It separates chest from abdomen. Diaphragm contracts during inhale, relaxes during exhale.

- Epiglottis a leaf shaped membrane located behind the tongue. It is responsible for preventing food from entering windpipe and lungs.

Other causes:

- Irritation of diaphragm ( caused by eating quickly or too much).

- Irritation in stomach or throat.

- Fear or nervousness.

How to stop?

- Take water large mouthful and try to swallow in a single gulp.

- Inhale, shut your ears and mouth. Don't let the air to rush out. Count from 1-10 and exhale.

- Baby hiccups can be stopped by giving just water.

Repeat any of these steps until hiccup stops. These are from personal experience!

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