What happened after the war at sea between Britain and Germany?

Malini VK - Infobite  Jun 8, 2019

What happened after the war at sea between Britain and Germany?

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Germany and Britain were the two great rival sea powers.

  • Britain's unchallenged Royal Navy damaged several German light cruisers and captured thousands of men.
  • German submarine, U-boat closed the gap between the mightiness of the two naval powers by its lethal attacks and sinking number of British cruisers.
  • However, on 24 January 1915 Britain mounted a surprise attack on German ships in the Battle of Doggerbank which made Germans hard to escape and took longtime to revert.
  • On 7 May 1915 German submarine sank a British liner Lusitania which was on its way from New York to Liverpool. The ship was carrying 173 tons of ammunition and nearly 2000 civilian passengers. A total of 1198 passengers were drowned including 128 U.S citizens.
  • This aroused a wave of annoyance in the United States which made every to expect a declaration of war.
  • But U.S Government standby their policy of neutrality and send several notes of protest to Germany. Germany promised to take care of the safety of civilians.

German colonies:

  • Germany started to lose its colonies in overseas. Allied forces conquered German colonies in West Africa.
  • The Union of South Africa was tied closely to the British Empire. With Britain's support South African army invaded and gained control of German south-west Africa. Most of the South African troops were shipped to the western front of Europe to fight with the Allied forces which opened South Africa a gateway to World War 1.
  • Japan participated in World War 1 by securing sea lanes in the West pacific and Indian Oceans against the German Navy. The motive was to extend the Japanese Empire by gaining land in China which was controlled by Germany. Japan also had an alliance with Great Britain in the Sino-Japanese wars against the Russians.
  • Australia and New Zealand had deep connection to the British and they sent their troops to war with patriotism. When Britain declared war on Germany, Australians greeted the news with great enthusiasm.

Germany's strategies resulted in failure and it was being attacked on all the sides. This might be the beginning of downfall of Germany.

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