What is the difference between boulevard(blvd), avenue, and street?

Malini VK - Infobite  Mar 4, 2020

What is the difference between boulevard(blvd), avenue, and street?

Road is simply a path that connects any two points. It can be classified with different names according to its size and function. Street, avenue, and boulevard are seen commonly in a well-planned city. So how can those be differentiated?

Street: A street is a public road with buildings on both the sides. The main function of the road is transportation, while the street enables more public interaction. Some of its types includes downtown, alleys, pedestrian streets, one-way street, traffic circle, dead-end street.

A lovely street in Italy

Avenue: Traditionally, avenue is a path or a road with trees on both sides. Avenues are architectural features mostly created in parks and gardens with trees of same type and height. However, in urban areas avenue functions same as a street with buildings and trees on both the sides but an avenue always runs perpendicular to a street. The direction in which the streets and avenues run depends on different municipalities.


Avenue always perpendicular to the street

Boulevard: A wide road running through a city often divided with a central median to control traffic. Blvd also has buildings or vegetation on one or both the sides with parking lanes, bicycle, and pedestrian lanes.

Boulevard in India starts its morning: