What is the purpose of Trump's border wall?

Malini VK - Infobite  May 1, 2019

What is the purpose of Trump's border wall?

Building an impenetrable wall at the Mexico border was one of the major promises Trump made during his election campaign. He claimed the wall/barrier will prevent illegal immigrants entering U.S border, drugs, Terrorists, Human Trafficking entering U.S border via Mexico. But does U.S really need a wall?

- Trump wanted a 30 ft tall 'concrete' wall which was estimated to cost between $8 Billion and $12 Billion USD. But now he needs a beautiful wall made of 'steel' which is difficult to estimate an exact cost. It ranges roughly over $25 Billion USD.

- Fencing on the southern border already exists which was built under President George W. Bush with an estimate cost of $7 Billion USD. Trump wants the old fencing to be completely replaced.

- Research suggests that most of Americans showed their opposition for wall construction. The people who support were old generation, mostly whites, people who does not have a proper education.

- Democrats proposed to increase number of border agents, improve surveillance, tighten security at the ports and build barrier whereever necessary instead of spending billions of tax payers money on a physical wall.

- Trump's serious claims were:

Illegal immigrants:

The truth is number of illegal border crossings had been reduced since the year 2000. Most of the illegal immigrants in U.S are visa over stayers not people crossing the borders.


Sadly, drugs are pouring into the country mainly through the legal ports of entry.

- Everyone who knows the reality opposing the wall. But since it was a promise, Trump administration is standing firm to see a wall at the southern border and the dreamers are supporting it.