What is the real reason behind continuous Boeing 737 Max Aircraft crashes?

Malini VK - Infobite  May 5, 2019

What is the real reason behind continuous Boeing 737 Max Aircraft crashes?

Duopoly. A term used when two competing firms has high dominance or control over the consumer market.

Airbus (European) and Boeing (American) are the top manufacturers of passenger jets, which made them rivals since 1990. Both were in a race to manufacture cheaper airplanes mainly in terms of fuel for the airlines to operate.

- Boeing introduced 737NG (Next Generation) in 1997 which was an upgraded version of Boeing's 737 series with large area, great fuel capacity.

- Airbus stunned the aviation industry by launching A320neo (New engine operation) in 2010 which would burn 6% less fuel than 737NG.

- Airbus sold a record-setting number of A320neo planes which created a market threat for Boeing.

- Boeing launched 737 Max in 2016 promising 8% more fuel efficiency than A320neo. This made Boeing a record-breaking profit of $200 Billion by selling 737 Maxes.

737 Max was fuel efficient, but it was made with many flaws that turned this model into a killer!

Outdated - New:

- 737 Max was a redesign of 737 which was introduced in 1967.

- Project Engineers were pushed and pushed to remodel 45 years old 737 with all new technology to make it more efficient.

- This remodeling struggle is to get "Type Certificate" from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Type Certificate:

- By Law, a pilot can fly only one type of Airplane. However, if different plane models are with similar design characteristics FAA would issue a common "Type Certificate".

- Boeing's all 737 series got a common "Type Certificate". So, if a pilot gets qualified for one model, he/she can fly all of them.

- Boeing claimed just "2 and 1/2 hours of computer-based training" enough for pilots to understand 737 Max operation since it is a redesign of previous versions.

- Cost cutting, making the flight operation more flexible by substituting the pilots and airplanes easily tempted the Airlines to buy Boeing 737 Max.

The issue:

- Boeing thought of recreating not improving or innovating. This attitude created lot of mistakes in the factory design itself and the pilots too did not get proper manuals of updated features.

- One after another the thirst to deliver an aircraft with maximum efficiency turned into a big failure. 737 Max has been grounded worldwide for its very poor performance.


1. Lion Air Flight 610, a 737 Max 8 from Indonesia kill 189 people on board.

2. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, a 737 Max 8 from Ethiopia killed 157 people on board.