What should we know about Black Hole?

Malini VK - Infobite  Apr 30, 2019

What should we know about Black Hole?

Black hole is a region in space with very high gravitational force, even the light cannot escape out.

- Black hole appears invisible most of the time which can be identified with the help of scientific instruments.

- Massive black holes are encircled by disk of glowing material. The black hole pulls the surrounding gas or stars into it and because of the heat inside, they appear as a shining ring.

- Black holes are formed when massive stars collapse with one another.

There are many theories around black hole and scientists are still exploring to understand black holes better.

One-way ticket to hell:

Nothing can escape from black hole. When something living/non-living fell into black hole, it will be torn into pieces.

Travelling in and out is possible:

According to Stephen Hawking, if the mass (amount of matter inside an object) of black hole is few times larger than the Sun, the objects falling inside would be torn apart. But if the mass is Million times larger than the Sun, exploring inside the black hole is possible. If anyone wants to explore inside a black hole, choose a big one!

Disappearance of black hole:

Black hole would leak particles at a slow rate. As particles escape from a black hole, it will shrink by losing its mass and the result is disappearance of that black hole. The particles that come out of black hole won't be the same as what fell in (A Ship that fell into black hole may not comeback from the black hole as a Ship).

Short cut to another Universe:

A large and rotating black hole might be a passage to another Universe.

* Above are the probabilities when there is a thing called Black Hole. Since Black holes are explored only from outside, there is a probability that the Black hole is non-existent!

Courtesy: NASA, Stephen Hawking