Who votes for The Oscars?

Malini VK - Infobite  May 29, 2019

Who votes for The Oscars?

The Oscars also known as "The Academy awards" is a grand ceremony for the film industry where they celebrate by distributing awards in various categories that excels in art and technology.

Who can vote?

  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), which is a professional organization responsible for conducting The Oscars. It is a Hollywood institution located in California.

  • The organization comprises nearly 8000 members around the world currently, who are responsible for nominating and voting for the Oscar winners.

  • The Academy is governed by Board of Governors headed by a President. It has 17 branches that represents various fields of cinema like acting, directing, costume, writing, sound editing, and others.

  • Each member would be responsible for nomination and voting in only one branch where they have a sound knowledge.

  • To qualify as a member, the individual should work in the film industry or should be sponsored by two active members of the branch they wish to join.

The Voting:

Voting happens in two phases.

First Phase:

  • Members receive a ballot consisting of qualifying movies where they nominate only within their branch. Ex. J.K. Rowling can nominate for best screenplay, best picture but may not for sound mixing or sound editing categories.

  • Each member should select 5 candidates in their respective branch and lists them by preference.

  • The ballot voting is then tallied by accountants from a firm assigned by the academy's President.

Second Phase:

  • After initial filtering of candidates from first phase, all lifetime academy members can cast their votes in their areas of expertise.

  • Winners are finally determined after final voting, but nobody is aware of the results except two accountants who did the voting.

  • They are responsible for writing the winner names and stuffing in the envelopes. It will be locked in the briefcases until the day of the ceremony.

  • The mystery will only be revealed following the magical words "And the Oscar goes to..."