Why there is hair loss after pregnancy?

Mahalakshmi P - Health Bites 6-May-2021

Why there is hair loss after pregnancy?

Most women experience hair loss 3-4 months after pregnancy. It is a temporary occurrence as s result of hormonal shifts.

- Normally 90% of our hair grows in one time and 10% will reach the "resting phase". The resting hair falls out every 2-3 months and give space for new hair to grow.

- Some women may experience hair fall during first trimester. This is due to stress as the body starts to accept a lot of changes, hormones shift dramatically to support the growing baby.

- After first trimester, the level of Estrogen hormone increases and helps hair to remain only in growth phase. This is the period when all the women enjoy their thick and shining hair.

- Once the baby is delivered, the estrogen hormone will start to come to a balance. This will put nearly 60% of the hair to from growth phase to resting phase.

- It results in heavy hair loss after 3-4 months from delivery.

These hair meant to fall and no remedy can stop this natural process. Once the hormone secretion is balanced,hair growth and fall will be back to normal.