Why Turks performed mass murder of Armenians?

Malini VK - Infobite  Jun 10, 2019

Why Turks performed mass murder of Armenians?

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Armenia is a country sandwiched between Turkey (ottoman empire) and Russia. Both had Armenians in their military troops which turned out to be oil in the burning fire.

Turks turned dictators:

Although Ottoman empire was predominantly a Muslim country, there were also Christians who comprised 45% of the total population. Ottoman military started to deport Armenians from the war zone fearing they might join in the Russian army. But they explained to Allies the deportation was a precautionary measure.

  • 1915 was a victorious year for the Central powers. But there were some wars which made them to taste the failure as well.
  • In January 1915, Russians routed Ottoman troops at the Battle of Sarakimis in which Ottoman army lost more than half of its soldiers.
  • Armenians in the Ottoman army fought loyally and bravely but the Turks blamed the defeat was because of the Armenian traitors in army.
  • Ottoman commanders disarmed their own Armenian soldiers and imprisoned on terms of suspicion that they were potential traitors.
  • It did not end there! From 1915-1916, Turks involved in the mass killing and genocide of Armenian Christian people living in the Ottoman empire who they considered disloyal.
  • Out of 1.5 million Armenian, 1.2 million were died during genocide from massacres, individual killings, ill treatment, exposure, and starvation. Many died during deportation while crossing desert regions.
  • Tens of thousands of orphans found refuge in the protection of foreign missionaries.

However, Turks denied there was no genocide happened and the deaths were a part of war loss. Although there were several postwar trials, no Ottoman perpetrators were held accountable for these crimes.

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