Your Kitchen | Your Health | Your Lifestyle – Why is it not a priority!

Divya's Dietu - Health Bites 15-Feb-2020

Your Kitchen | Your Health | Your Lifestyle – Why is it not a priority!
Spices Home Remedy

We face many health issues in life, however there is no need to head to the doctor for everything. We’ll be able to address 90% of ailments through food from our kitchen.

We can categorize three major causes for diseases:

1.  Lifestyle Imbalance

2.  Food Compromises

3.  Unnecessary use of medicines in place of food

We just need to do a backward fix, that is start taking food for medicine, take right food in the right quantity & allow our lifestyle to balance by itself.

Food for Medicine:

  • When we use herbs and spices available in our own kitchen, we get to eliminate diseases from its root.
  • A fair bigger advantage is that we are curing ourselves with natural ingredients with no adverse side-effects.
  • In the olden days, this is exactly how a kitchen was regarded. It wasn’t only merely an area used for cooking.
  • Pepper, cloves, cinnamon, carom, bay leaf, cumin, coriander, cardamom, mint & more… almost every useful herb was found in everyone’s kitchen.
  • Now, unfortunately, few buy readymade masalas and don't have the raw ingredient available with us in every kitchen.
  1. Mint – Relieves Stomach Ache
  2. Saunf, Carom, Elaichi & Mint – Remedies for Acidity, Gas & Stomach Ache
  • One must just have the knowledge of what, when & how to consume these effective foods as medicine for ailments.

Food Intake:

  • A balanced diet provides all the nutrients a person requires, without going over the recommended daily calorie intake.
  • Eating a balanced diet is key in maintaining good health and keeping your body in optimum condition.
  • A balanced diet doesn't cut out food groups; it consists of a wide variety of foods to support your body and keep you energized, motivated and healthy.
  • If you set a goal, whether it is as simple as getting healthier or running a marathon, there will be certain foods your body needs. Speaking to a dietician can help you identify any changes you must make to reach your goal.

Lifestyle Balance:

  • By eating right food and consuming proper natural remedy foods, one can switch around the lifestyle and bring it to balance.
  • Once lifestyle balance is fixed – then the body starts to detox regularly, by purifying blood so we don’t suffer from warts, moles and corns.

All the three fixes can be achieved easily with the help of Divya’s Dietu.

Give a ring to know more about food as medicine, lifestyle balance & balanced diet.  Health is superior to anything around us! Don’t neglect further.